Mountain Holiday

After a long and arduous trek some of the members of the trekking team took to playing cricket and football with the guys who worked at the guesthouse.

Mountain Holiday

Leh Palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. Although the palace is about nine storeys high and overlooks the town of Leh, the public does not have access to all of them. Nevertheless it is a beautiful one and worth the visit and climb to it.

Land of Seven Colours

The Land of Seven Colours found in Chameral, Mauritius, is a natural phenomenon. None of it is even remotely man-made. It is a small area that consists of seven different shades (red, brown, violet, green, yellow, purple and blue) of sand dunes. They tend to settle in different layers giving it a striped coloured look. To know more about it, click…

Journey of Sorts

There’s something soothing in watching the waves splash about almost in laziness, clear blue sky in a contest with the clear blue water, creamish white sand and not many souls around. It calms you, it relaxes you and it makes you wonder… is there any dearth to the beauty on our planet? Our planet that we’re…