Weekly Photo Challenge: Oops!


“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” — Shakespeare. 

The cute dishes with the vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce looked gorgeous against the dark blue background of the table. I placed each spoon in the opposite direction and just when I pressed the button on the camera, the ‘oops’ moment happened with the spoon in the first dish sliding off. It still looked pretty to my eye.

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce :D

This was taken near a small river in Bandhavgarh (India). It was supposed to be of the river but since it was dark and the flash on the camera was on, it turned out to be more of the leaves closest to us. The brightness of those leaves actually makes the picture delightful against the dark background of the river and the sky.


This was supposed to be a shot of the sunrise. It turned out to be a ‘splash’ of orange than the sun itself.


© NJ


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